Our story

Vlow Medical B.V. is an innovative Dutch company and a subsidiary of Nikinc Holding BV. With more than 30 years experience in the health care domain, we are focussing on research and development of precision dosing devices in the medical and dental field. 

The products are CE MDR approved and FDA approval is pending. We aim to create innovative  products that result in more predictable outcome in medical treatments against a much more efficient effort and with improved cost efficiency. The 3Dose™ Syringe is protected by various patents.


UltraLow Dead Space Needles

Zelostat UltraLow Dead Space needles are included in the Vlow Medical product portfolio. The very thin-walled Ultra Low Dead Space needles (35G) ensure an even more optimal fluid flow and at the same time enable a very gentle insertion of the needle into the skin with a minimum of drug loss.

MDR  Certificate

The 3Dose Syringes are MDR 2017/745/EU certified

Summox One

A subsidiary of Nikinc Holding BV has developed a high-end dental device for cleaning, disinfecting and low-temperature plasma-sterilising dental instruments within 15 minutes.

3Dose Syringe

The launch of the second series of 3Dose Syringe. Improved stability and more dedicated design for the medical professionals.

3Dose Syringe

The launch of the first series of 3Dose Syringe. Syringe for exact dosing of 0.0125, 0.025 and 0.05 ml or 0.01, 002 and 0.04 ml.

Vlow Medical BV Founded

Incubator - CompoTherm

Incubator for 3M™ petri films and composites in dental filling treatment in a temperature range of 25-65°C

UseFill Obturator Heater

An electric heater for heating obturators for a root canal treatment within 5 sec.

RootBuddy Obturation Device

An electric handinstrument for compacting gutta percha in a root canal treatment with 17 different tips for modelling and cutting gutta percha within a temperature range of 70-350°C.

Nikinc Dental BV  Founded