1ml - Unit Dose Injector

Luer-Lock & Low Dead Space (10 pcs per box)

As botulinum toxin injections progressively increase as a major injectable procedure in cosmetic medicine, it has become apparent that accurate dosing and precise injection placement are critical aspects for an improved clinical outcome. BoNT injections currently have a 10-20% inaccuracy rate, and there continues to be inadequate control and traceability on how many units are actually being injected. Inaccurate doses and placement may potentially result in a debilitating and unsightly (even unbalanced) appearance, thus a dissatisfied patient. 


The use of an accurate dosage device is beneficial to both experienced doctors as well as injectors who inject less frequently.  The usage of the 3Dose™ Unit Dose Injector greatly improves the ease and efficiency of injections which results in user convenience and patient satisfaction. With the new 3Dose™ injector calculating units per ml is simplified and calculating errors in BoNT units can be eliminated from cosmetic practice. The focus can now be on where to inject rather than how much to inject.

The 3Dose™ injector is available in a green and in an orange version, each with different user preferred dose unit settings related to the various NaCl solutions used to dilute the BoNT. The green syringe features the dose unit setting options 0.0125ml, 0.025ml and 0.05ml for the dilution amounts 0.63ml and 1.25ml. The orange syringe features the dose unit setting options 0.01ml, 0.02ml and 0.04ml for the dilution amounts 1.0ml and 2.0ml. 

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The 3Dose injector with small needles is very well suited for injecting toxin in smaller volumes with a lower concentration.


Microbotox (or baby-botox, meso-botox or intradermal botox) seems to have specific advantages in some treatments.


Study: Microbotox of the Lower Face and Neck" Download the study here...


The INViSIBLE needle is the thinnest needle available to date. 33% thinner than 30G needle and 14% thinner than the 33G needle, resulting in a mere painless experience for patients and is ideal for BoNT injections.

BOX with 10 syringes

The Unit Dose Injector comes in a box of 10 x sterile blisters for single use.


dilution table

A major improvement for doctors is the ease of use for converting the label dosing on the toxin packaging to the exact unit dosing with the syringe/injector.


A simple dilution table on the box helps to find the right injector (green or orange) and select the right scale (one out of three) in the injector.


The conversion of the units in the vial and the recommended dilution results in the exact setting for your treatment.



3Dose™ Features and Benefits

  • Tactile and audible feedback enables exact dosing and minimizes under- and over-dosing.
  • Two syringes with Triple-Dosing-Scale plungers facilitates exact unit injection and reduces conversion errors.
  • Ergonomic handle design and plunger thump-rest augments ease-of-use and precision.
  • Remaining Unit Dose indication displays and confirms the status of the procedure.
  • Low Dead Space design further eliminates loss of BoNT and improves procedure efficiency.
  • Luer-Lock connection enables compatibility with all needles.




Advantages for doctors

The 3Dose™ Unit Dose Injector allows the practitioner to focus entirely on the accurate placement of the needle and deliver the accurate unit dose without having to monitor the position of the plunger. The ergonomic 3-finger handle makes the handling of the injector easier and further supports accurate needle placement. The injector also displays the remaining available units at the reconstituted dilution.

There is a sense of security that the treatment is being performed meticulously as the device allows for consistent dosing for subsequent treatments and ultimately for reproducible results.


User Benefits:

  • More accurate drawing up and more consistent and accurate dosing. 
  • Improved cost efficiency as a result of reduced procedure throughput-time and up to 20% in BoNT savings.
  • More predictable outcome and reproducible results.
  • No need to look at the syringe for dosing accuracy allowing more focus on where to inject.


Advantages for patients

From the perspective of the patient the usage of the 3Dose™ Unit Dose Injector will assure a more adequate and higher quality procedure that will require less time and less cost. Moreover, in combination with the new INViSIBLE NEEDLE™ from TSK there is a significant reduction in pain compared to the standard 30G needles used in insulin syringes. There are ongoing studies to prove if the use of micro needles could potentially eliminate the risk for hematomas and bruising.

It has also been reported by patients that they are more relaxed when they hear the clicks during the injections. Overall, the system gives the impression of scientific neatness.

Benefits and claims

Dose accuracy

Regular syringes are subject to significant tolerance in accuracy (± 20 %), and this is being exuberated during ever increasing small volume injections where errors increase cumulatively during a procedure. Especially with volumes smaller than 0.1ml, it is difficult to administer accurately and consistently. This affects the overall result of the procedure, thus justifying a new method for accurate injections. The 3Dose™ injector has an adjustable plunger to select the desired injection volumes and every click administers a precise selected dose without the risk of an over/under dose injection.


Consistent results

Accurate documentation of dosage used is important to achieve the personal toxin effect and reproducible results in subsequent treatments. With the 3Dose™ injector, variables are eliminated and consistent results can be expected while closely meeting the desired patient outcome.


Ease of use

After filling the 3Dose™ Unit Dose Injector and setting the desirable dose unit volume, the focus can now be on the patient instead of on the ml scale. An audible and tactile click gives feedback when one precise dose unit is injected, and the subsequent injections can be repeated without having to reference the ml scale during a procedure as it is required using a regular syringe.  The display on the 3Dose™ injector conveniently shows how many units remain in the injector.


Minimum product loss

When using a regular syringe product loss can easily add up to 0.08ml of toxin.  However, with the 3Dose™ Unit Dose Injector in combination with a low-dead space needle hub, product loss is minimized. This means significant cost savings. Leakage or pop-off is prevented by a perfect press fit between the secure Luer-Lock connection and the needle hub.  


Patient comfort

TSK designed a special low dead space needle that is compatible with the 3Dose™ Unit Dose Injector.  The LDS 33G needles are 22% thinner compared to a standard 30G needle and the new INViSIBLE NEEDLE is even 14% thinner than a 33G needle, greatly reducing patient discomfort This assures a nearly painless injection experience and greatly reduces the risk for bruising.

instructions for use

dilution table


The below video's are shot with 3Dose Injection Syringe - Generation 1